Key Holding

When you use our key holding service, a trained SIA licensed security guard will respond immediately to every alarm call from your business, day or night. With our key holding service, Swift Workforce Ltd Business Services is your first line of defence, responding to your alarm calls whether they are false or not. All security officers are adept at managing different circumstances from simply re-setting the alarm to dealing with potentially dangerous situations.

For your business to run smoothly from day-to-day there is nothing more vital than reliable security. If an alarm is activated, our staff will swiftly attend the premises. Following pre-agreed client guidelines, they will assess the situation on site and take common sense action accordingly. We ensure the premises are re-secured, liaise with contractors, oversee any necessary emergency repairs, and remain on-site until work is complete and the premises safe. Unless urgent, we don’t report to clients until normal office hours, leaving you to rest easy and undisturbed whilst we take care of matters.
The key holding and alarm response service is available for a small annual fee. When an alarm is activated we make a small call-out charge plus reasonable charges for any subsequent hours on site.

As soon as you hand your keys to our security guards, you can guarantee they will respond to any alarm call, attend to any emergency and complete external checks to safeguard against criminal damage whilst ensuring the overall safety of your building and your staff. You can also be sure that if needs be, our security guards will liaise with the emergency services on your behalf making it their business to protect your business.

Providing experts to board up windows and doors, we can even carry out emergency repairs to completely secure your building from future intruders. What’s more, for added confirmation that the security service we have implemented is working effectively and efficiently we can also offer you a detailed report of every alarm response we attend, to guarantee you’re getting the best value for money.

Without appropriate alarm response solutions you are leaving your premises severely open to crime that could not only leave you out of pocket but your staff at risk too. Ease the stress of choosing key holders within your company today and hire Churchill Security’s key holding services and alarm response to make sure your company is not the victim of unnecessary crime.