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Company Profile

The group has been organized to provide well built tough, intelligent, educated, sincere and honest security personnel who are always smartly turned out. Our men provide top class security services sense of effective safety and security in letter and spirit.

Its a combination of well built selected personnel from civil set-up as well as JCO’s and other ranks who proceed on voluntary retirement and normal retirement. Our system of recruitment is methodical and through authorized channels. We have recently introduced ourselves to guard builder’s properties. Never the less we are one of the leading security companies


Our basic aim is to provide total security to our clients so that they relieved of all the hazards of security related problems. We provide effective supervisory staff who is responsible for keeping them always alert and well disciplined.

Recruitment Of Personnel

We have well experienced senior staff that carries out recruitment from authorized recruitment centers of armed and paramilitary forces. The character antecedents are verified through authorized police sources. The recruited personnel are put through extensive training and only they are deployed on duty.

Central Staff

Our staff at headquarters consists of experienced officers, JCO’s and well trained security guards, We have a well knit team of our field staff who always put in co-ordinates efforts in supervising the security staff performing there duties. They carry out checking during day and night and maintain discipline to the entire satisfaction of our clients. They even carry out on-the-job training. Our staff remains always in touch with our clients and we also sent a written report in this connection, if required.


The sense of discipline is installed into our security men. It is elating to note that there has never been any incident involving indiscipline in our cops. This itself speaks volumes about the discipline and integrity on high our cops are always smartly turned out. They are not permitted to join any union. They do not accept hospitality. They are cultured, civilized and they pay proper compliments comments commensurate to the status.

Communication System

Swift Work Force works 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Which help us to maintain very close liasioning with our prestigious clientele and to revert back very fast to give them prompt services. Over and above all, our supervisory staff, our cops and our clients always remain in communication through Personal contract, through telephone and correspondence. Keeping with the futuristic trend of the modern day security requirement, we can proudly state that we are the only existing Private Security Agency today who has acquired the hi-tech and sophisticated PROCAL two way radio sets with supported by cellular, Motorola paging systems, E-Mail & Web site.

Security Vision System

Recently we have introduced ourselves in the field of providing security system for maintaining soundproof security arrangements. We have CCTV, VIDEO DOOR PHONES, FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM, and INTRUDER ALARM SYSTEM, METAL DETECTOR, ELECTRONIC DOORFRAME & much more.

Character Of Duties

We perform following duties after getting charge of performing their professional skills: They perform duties at the main gates, at the rear of the complex and patrolling duties along the periphery.

They record the details of all the visitors; carry out the screening and searching. Our personnel will issue entrance passes to the visitors as directed by the management of our Client. If required our security staff escort them to the concerned officer for ensuring strict security. They mark the attendance of the staff and the workers on registers or through punching machines.

They keep proper record of incoming and outgoing material through gate passes and Challans. Our supervisory staff carryout day and night checking of our Sahara. They keep proper Record of issue and receipt of keys. They carryout periodical fire fighting practices as directed by the management. They maintain fire-fighting registers indicating date and time of carrying out fire Fighting practices along with details of personnel who attended fire-fightingpractices. Our administrative staff carries out surprise checking of the stores and equipment’s. They carryout the checking of the transport either personal transport of company Vehicle, if desired. They assist the management in the matters concerning security.