Car Park Attendant

Car park attendant is provided not only to protect vehicles and its property but the drivers who are using the facility. Providing a safer environment for person to park will result in the facility being used more widely and will encourage business to expand and develop.

Personal requirements of a Car Park Attendant:

  • integrity and reliability
  • a pleasant manner when dealing with the public
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • capable of handling money
  • good driving skills (to work as a valet driver)

Manage parking and traffic control in assign area and monitor all surface and garage parking areas for facility. Assist all customers to move in and out of vehicles and retrieve all cars to customers with courtesy and maintain count of all vehicles. Ensure operation of all vehicles efficiently for valet service and provide tags for all vehicles and maintain log sheet for parking facility usage.
Manage all communication with parking supervisor and identify all visitors and tenants violating rules and provide warnings to same. Perform regular patrol on all parking levels and provide assistance to visitors to locate vehicle if required.

Manage and resolve all customer queries and control traffic at entrance and exists at all times and perform repairs on all parking equipment if required. Ensure compliance to all safety regulations and company policies and inform management in case of violations. Evaluate parking to ensure optimal utilization of area and maintain safety of all guests.

Administer all cash collection for facility and maintain knowledge on all prices for services and manage all emergency situations.