Hospital Security

Casualty departments are becoming increasingly busy, resulting in over crowding, providing a potential flash point for violence or anti-social behavior. Essex Security Solutions Ltd’s personnel are trained to deal with such incidents and relieve medical staff from the burden of security conflicts leaving them free to deal with medical matters.

As a hospital visitor, it is important that you respect visiting hours and rest periods for patients during the day. If you want to bring a gift or something for a loved one, check with the hospital to make sure it is okay. Some wards do not allow pot plants, flowers or food.
Sometimes, seeing a loved one in pain or suffering can be distressing. Always be courteous to hospital staff, other patients and visitors. Physical or verbal abuse towards staff, patients or other visitors will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave if you behave like this.

Many hospitals have security staff and arrangements to protect patients and hospital staff to make sure they are safe. Health services enforce a code of behaviour. They do not tolerate physical or verbal aggression, or abuse towards staff, patients, family members or visitors. Security staff or police will ask aggressive or abusive visitors to leave the hospital.

As a hospital patient, you will be asked to wear an identification (ID) band with your name and other important details around your wrist or ankle, or both. Your ID band must be worn during your entire hospital stay. This is to make sure that hospital staff can identify you easily and that you receive the right treatment and care. Staff will check your ID band before giving you any medication or treatment.
All hospital staff members have a background and identification check before they are employed by a hospital to make sure they are qualified for their role and are of good character. They must display their ID badge at all times while at the hospital.